Toby Whyle – ‘Pity’

One step forward, two steps back? There are some mistakes that we just don’t seem to want to learn from—obstacles we keep putting in our own way. Since it can often feel quite pleasant to just wallow in self-pity, we tend to chalk things up to fate—even though they’re actually in our own hands and no one else can fix things for us.

With his new single, “Pity”, Toby Whyle encourages us to look forward again, to get up and try once more, and to overcome the bruised ego constantly telling us “to give it a rest. Your attempts are in vain.” The chorus of the song is a wake-up call to our inner selves: “I’ll steer through this on my own. Gotta sort it out for myself, you know?” With stubborn persistence, the beat steadily pushes forward and the tune’s optimistic melody induces an awakening.