Kareem Kateb – ‘Kick Down The Door’

The world comes to a halt, and everything stands still. On Toby Whyle’s debut single “No One Moves,” he approaches a phenomenon artists are often somewhat hesitant to address: writer’s block. He ponders the numbing feeling of helplessness when ideas just wouldn’t come to him for weeks. The only way out of his dilemma was to explore the nature of inspiration itself. What does it mean to be inspired? To have ideas – or to lack them?

Then suddenly, as the sky swiftly clears up, inspiration begins to flow. Something happens, something so hard to put into words yet so easy to be entranced by. When in a brief moment of equilibrium, worries and euphoria seem to be perfectly balanced. You can almost feel the air crackling and sizzling with energy. An impulse that sets everything in motion – and it flows.